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May 21, 2008
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Secret of Mana: Heroes by karniz Secret of Mana: Heroes by karniz
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Drawn: April 29th, 2008.
Program: Pencil & Painter IX.
Time Taken: About 2 hours.
From: Secret of Mana.
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Yes, I colored something...
I was drawing a bunch of "Retro art of games I played before I could draw!" pictures... hahaha, this was the first of many in a series: Secret of Mana!
Probably one of my absolute favorite games from my childhood...

This illustration was used in "How I Color My Illustrations", by me. ^^

Yes, I know there are a lot of things off in the image porportion-wise... but I am not going back to fix it!

Please keep your comments about the illustration.
Art by Donna Brown. Character(s) from Secret of Mana/Square. All rights reserved.
Please do not copy, use [icons, avatars, etc.], reproduce, or redistribute the art for any reason other than personal use.
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Shariko-Aswani Featured By Owner Oct 14, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
Great work.
Amazing :winner:
Letdragon Featured By Owner Jan 15, 2012
Due badass rendition of Randi and company. :)
DoodleMaus Featured By Owner Jan 7, 2012  Student General Artist
That you did this in two hours makes me :iconotlplz:

But you're amazing! I love this!
Meloniamask Featured By Owner Nov 11, 2011
I like the way you colored this,it's so good!
Secret of mana 1 and 2 is my favorite snes games
Of all,me and my brother used to play
That game all the time,it was so fun
Even though it was crazy hard at times.
OutBoy Featured By Owner Apr 17, 2011
am i alowed to use this for my Youtube Channel?^^
karniz Featured By Owner Apr 17, 2011  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I do state in my disclaimer at the bottom of my comment box: "Please do not copy, use [icons, avatars, etc.], reproduce, or redistribute the art for any reason other than personal use."
I would respect if you would not use any of my illustrations for uses other than personal use. Basically I do not allow use of my art in other's productions, so your Youtube channel would qualify as something I do not allow.
Thank you for asking first.
Blueboxer89 Featured By Owner Oct 29, 2010
Damn, that's really good work there! :D
sepia-manatee Featured By Owner Oct 12, 2010  Hobbyist General Artist
I love it! I really enjoy that you gave the sprite the axe, 'cause that's the way I roll.
AgeofZero Featured By Owner Aug 30, 2010
It's funny that you drew the Sprite with the ax and the Girl with the spear. That's always what I equipped them with when I played. XD
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